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A Few Pointers 

Due to ongoing safety measures the system at the clinic will be slightly different than usual. The waiting room will be more of a rapid transit area than the usual social hub; social distancing will be adhered to; we will sanitise after every patient, patients will bring their own towels etc; but the receptionists and Chiropractors will be the same as ever, so don’t worry.


If you do come to see us at the clinic over the next few weeks, we will need to ask you a few more questions related to Covid 19 beforehand by email or phone and would be grateful if you can comply with this as fully as possible.

We will try to keep the red tape to the minimum, but we need to ensure that everyone is absolutely as safe as they can be. If you have a letter, or have been told by your GP or other health practitioner, that you are in the category of highly or extremely vulnerable, please do let us know beforehand as we will need to take additional safeguards for you.

Social Distancing

We are trying to keep face to face reception contact down to the minimum during this time, so we would ask you to do as much over the phone as possible, such as payment and appointment booking, if at all possible.

We also ask you to bring two towels with you to cover the treatment table and as little else as possible, preferably in a bag. I’m sure the whole family are looking for an excuse to leave the house right now, but if you could leave them in the park rather than bringing them to the clinic that would be much appreciated until more familiar waiting room service resumes.




Your Visit 

We strive to run an efficient clinic and therefore ask you to arrive five minutes early for your first appointment to allow for completion of any necessary paperwork. Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make the appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee may be charged.

Please make sure that you have authorisation from your Insurance company if you intend to claim for your treatment, and if necessary a referral from your GP. We charge patients on each visit and can provide you with receipts so you may use these for your claim.

We aim to be approachable and encourage you to speak to us regarding your treatment or any other queries you may have. We are a family practice and are very happy for family members, partners or friends to be present in the consulting rooms at any time. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.

Treatment at the The Octagon Clinic

We treat such an enormous span of age-groups and physical conditions applying such a diverse range of therapeutic techniques that it is virtually impossible to describe what a typical treatment involves. As Chiropractors we are involved in the assessment and treatment of disorders of the musculo-skeletal and nervous system, so for an unsettled baby this will involve the gentlest of techniques on the spine and skull bones to reduce stress patterns whereas for a pregnant woman treatment may involve gentle manipulation and stabilising exercises.

We take great pride in our standard of clinical excellence here at the Octagon Clinic which we maintain through our attention to detail and the thoroughness of our approach. We do not believe that you are a passive recipient of treatment and will actively discuss issues of general health and lifestyle with you and any concerns you may have to help you break negative patterns and hopefully improve your life a little.

All the Chiropractors here at The Octagon Clinic are state-registered with the General Chiropractic Council which ensures the highest standards of education and professional conduct. For further information please visit the GCC website at

Opening Hours:

Monday: 8am – 6:40pm
Tuesday: 8am – 6pm
Wednesday: 8am – 6pm
Thursday: 8am – 7pm
Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 1pm



There is street parking around the clinic which uses the RINGO app on your phone as means of paument.   

Alternatively you can phone RINGO on 0203 292 9230 with meter ref 17713, but we highly recommend getting the app beforehand.






Price Changes at the Octagon Clinic as of Feb 1st 2021

We have had to increase our prices for our treatments here at the Octagon and these changes will take place on Monday 1st February.
The prices will be as follows as per Monday 1st February 2021:
New Patients                    £90
Adult Follow Up               £55
Child Follow Up               £50
Reassessment                  £70
Pilates Session                £70
Thank you all for your continued support from everyone at the Octagon Clinic.

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