Hazel Dillon low back palpationWelcome to the Octagon Chiropractic Clinic. We are a well-established clinic in West London dedicated to enhancing our patients’ health. In 2012 we celebrated our twenty first birthday!

We have a special interest in pregnancy and paediatric care but very much pride ourselves on being a family clinic, able to treat a diversity of patients, from expectant mothers and babies, through to grandparents, sportspeople, dancers, those in need of rehabilitation and anyone else in Chiropractic need.

Our General Chiropractic Council (GCC) registered Chiropractors Stephen Hughes, Rachel Hodson and Hazel Dillon aim to help with a vast array of spinal conditions, as diverse as cervicogenic headaches and migraines to low back and acute neck pain.

Child waving skeleton hand-Welcome to OctagonWe provide both a thorough assessment of our patients’ condition and appropriate long term care, committed to not only offering relief from physical discomfort but to locating the root cause of pain and firmly believe in the importance of encouraging patient participation in the Chiropractic process.

As a multi-disciplinary clinic we also offer massage therapy as well as homeopathic care and are very happy to have sports, pregnancy and holistic masseuse Yoshiko Beer and registered homeopath Laura Kenyon working alongside us at the Octagon.

Stephen, Rachel, Hazel, Yoshiko and Laura treat patients throughout London, the clinic is located on the Hammersmith/Chiswick border and we see patients from all over the city including Barnes, Acton, Fulham, Chelsea, Putney, Richmond and beyond.  

At the Octagon our aim is to offer a full holistic care package, from pain alleviation to the prevention of reoccurring injury and hope that your visit will inspire you to take an active role in your own future well-being!

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Could carrying a heavy bag be causing you back pain?

Carrying a heavy weight on one shoulder results in the rest of your body needing to compensate. These un-natural curves over time cause pressure on your joints and muscles to maintain this posture which may eventually lead to pain and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders and can sometimes result in headaches as well.

Read on for tips on how to avoid bag-related back-pain here.

If you think your daily routines could be contributing to discomfort you are feeling you can contact the clinic and book a free 15 minute consultation to see if Chiropractic care may be right for you.

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